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About our school


Primary school in Topolova street is situated in Nitra.

It is school with widen opportunities to study English and German language.

In educational process we have integrated handicaped students and students with special needs in educational process.


Our school as each ordinary Slovak primary school is divided into two grades.

1st is from the first class to the 4th class. (Children are from 6- 9 years old)

2nd is from the 5th class to 9th class. (Children are from 10-14 years old)


We teach: English (Aj), German(Nj), Math(M), Slovak  languge(Sj), Biology(P), History(D), Physical education(Tv), Art(Vv),Music(Hv), Religion(Nv)/Ethics(Ev), Geography(Z), Civil education(Ov), Physics(F) in 2nd grade.


We have breaks after the lessons that last 10 and 15 minutes.

In our 15 minute break we go to our school playground and play withball or talk to our school mates.


We have school library that consists of publications that are popular in the world´s and Slovak literature.


There is a special language laboratory that helps us to learn languages when we listen to the text with headphones, work on dialogues or just listen to the CD player,watch DVD and video tapes.

Finally, there is an ebeam interactive board so our learning is improving day by day. We have room with internet where we can communicate with the rest of the world.


There are opportunities for us to join after school activities such as Russian language, table tennis, tourist course, English, German for kids, dancing class, ...


We collect plastic bottles and paper in our school building.

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